Minds for Minds was founded by academics from Auckland and Cambridge to enable a better distribution of academic resources around the world.

We support individual academics in turning their academic resources into global intellectual assets and achieving maximum impact with all their work. To make this happen we have engineered a cost-effective and autonomous distribution mechanism. Our mechanism empowers academics to easily upload, appraise, and license any of their teaching or research resources. This in turn enables other academics and their students from around the globe to access and work with these resources.

We make education more authentic and affordable because our users obtain all resources directly from the people who created them. Our users like this because it eliminates non-transparent and unsustainable distribution models, which overcharge libraries and take advantage of academics and students alike. Our users also appreciate that we never claim the intellectual property rights of a resource — all academics using our service own their work and remain completely independent in how they disseminate it.

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